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Jennifer IsaacsonThanks to the diversity of a liberal arts education, in 1997 Jennifer discovered Iyengar yoga in college. Jennifer has received teacher-training certificates from Kim King-Zamoff (2002), Kathleen Hunt of Samadhi Yoga (2006), Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow (2004-2009), Next Generation Yoga for Children (2012),
Bernie Clark’s Yin Yoga (2015), and is inspired by Andrey Lappa’s Universal Yoga.

Join Jennifer in the Pacific Northwest, Mexico or Bali and honor nature’s rhythm and yoga as a way of life.


“I met Jennifer in 2007 and have been attending her classes and retreats ever since. Meditation at a water temple in Bali, ocean front headstands in Mexico or surrounded by forest on an island in Washington, after I come home from any retreat with Jennifer, I feel more myself. Each retreat is unique as she is very intentional about holding space for her students, and is in tune with what is needed in the moment. What I love about practicing with Jennifer is yoga is her way of life. She is serious when she needs to be, innovative, playful and real.”

-Jacci Johnson

“I have taken one (1, ONE) class with Jennifer Isaacson, not because it wasn’t enjoyable, only because our schedules never allowed for me to take more classes from her. In that class I learned about her patience and her desire to teach; it was quite a work out but not a lot of work! She left such an impression on that that I often share my experience because even though it was only for 1 1/2 hours, I walked away feeling better than I ever had before, I learned something new, tried new poses that I didn’t think I could do, and I laughed out loud in class. She is the total package that I am wanting when I’m on the mat: guidance, support, and a sense of humor!”

-Pam Rollins

“I’ve been studying yoga for over a decade in a variety of styles and Jennifer is one of the most knowledgeable, intuitive, challenging, and compassionate teachers I have ever experienced. I love that Jennifer weaves meditation and stillness into her classes. Her light and wonder for the power and lore of yoga is contagious. I look forward to classes with her because I’ll be cared for and asked to practice something new in body and mind. I’ve been known to hire a babysitter and drive 40 minutes to get to one of her classes… She’s babysitter-worthy! Jennifer’s practice and knowledge base are so broad and rich, you don’t know what’s coming next–her classes are never predictable, and after you’ve been taking flow classes for a while and you’ve gone from three-legged dog to Warrior I a million times, NOT knowing what’s coming is the yoga equivalent of chocolate.”

-Colette Janning

“Everything was organized so smoothly, so it was such a pleasure and just going with the flow. I loved really the yoga – the place itself is a yogadream. Jennifer was so nice and taught many useful tips and techniques. Many interesting combinations and sequences. And she was so supportive. Loved it.”

-Helina Kibar

“I really resonated with Jennifer’s style of teaching and her incredible knowledge. She has a wonderful sense of connection and this flows through in her classes. I have gained some great insights from her and appreciated the warm, inclusive environment she created. And the astute, individualised attention!”

-Maree Blackburn

“I have periodically practiced with Jennifer for about 8 years, and have always found her to be the one who can get a little more out of my pose than I thought, and she can also convey why that is happening… what muscles I am using and how to get them to go a little further. She told me once that her goal is to be so concise with her instruction that a person could take her class blindfolded. She hits the nail on the head every time! I highly recommend her classes, for the new and for the seasoned practitioner alike.”

-Emily Murray

“A much admired and respected teacher at our Bali Ashram Yoga retreats. Apart from her undoubted mastery of her craft, she has a unique ability and lovely persona to push and challenge her charges to go much further than they otherwise would, nicely. Adore and love her, always look forward to her next retreat!”

-Rudi Oka

“My first class with Jennifer was challenging in ways I had never experienced. As a fellow yoga teacher, this was an interesting experience, to say the least. I was overwhelmingly drawn back to her, and I have learned so much more from her than I could ever sum up in words. She is incredibly curious, knowledgable, and shares herself so authentically which may be what I appreciate the most. Jennifer’s classes are a true gift, each and every moment.”

-Gina Colorossi