"My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer consistently over the last 6 years in private lessons. Her ability to adapt our yoga sessions/workouts to fit the needs of our bodies and our minds has been a blessing. She's intuitive, motivating and reliable. Her words are thoughtful and deliberate. I've also enjoyed several of Jennifer’s yoga retreats in Mexico and Whidbey Island, WA. Each day of every retreat was a completely different experience. She guides each group on a custom journey and allows you the space, the support and the feeling of security needed to get the most of your precious time. I have left every retreat feeling strong, clear headed and recharged on life. Jennifer is wonderful teacher in so many ways and definitely one of a kind!"

— Stacy G, Seattle WA

A friend I used to go to Jennifer's class with often stated that going to her class was like going to therapy, but cheaper. In my decade of doing yoga, I've never had a teacher who was more intuitive or creative in the flow of class. She led each week in a way that made you feel both challenged and rejuvenated at the end. She also encouraged feedback and laughter throughout her classes, which always felt like such a breath of fresh air. I always looked forward to going to her classes each week and feel lucky to have gotten to practice with her.

— Angela K, Seattle WA

“Jennifer is an excellent yoga instructor; I can’t recommend her highly enough. I’ve gone to many yoga classes over 15 years, and Jennifer’s classes are the best. She tailors each class to the needs and abilities of the students and offers variations of poses you can choose to do. She magically knows what minor adjustment to suggest which makes a big difference. Her classes are positive, challenging, and enjoyable. So much so that I joined her Whidbey Island retreat weekend in Spring 2017. It was everything I had hoped it would be. Challenging yoga, but not more than this casual yoga student could handle, all set in a beautiful and peaceful environment. ”

— Maria D, Seattle WA

“Jennifer is one in a million. On the advice of a friend, I went to my first ever yoga retreat in 2011 and lucky me, it was Jen’s. While I entered feeling like a fish out of water, because my practice had been so spotty over the years, I left feeling like I found my people, my heart and my practice, again. I haven’t left it since. Until practicing with Jen, I hadn’t really made a meaningful connection between the physical asana of yoga and the mind, heart, body connection that comes with deep listening but especially from a wise teacher like Jen who lives her life the way she practices…open, vulnerable, trusting and powerful. Practicing with Jen is always about learning something new, about yoga, yourself or both. And I love a teacher who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and can make you smile in the middle of chair pose. That’s life. The struggle, the joy, together and that’s Jen.”

— Roisin M, Seattle WA

“I've been practicing yoga for 15+ years in 3 countries and in cities as diverse as San Francisco, Louisville, and Sayulita, Mexico, with countless instructors through the years. Jennifer is without question the best instructor I've ever practiced with, the one I am talking about when I say, “my teacher,” and has become a dear friend and inspiration. Her teachings unfold in the most natural, dynamic, and meaningful ways. My practice with Jen started when I had 10 years of yoga under my belt, and it quickly deepened and opened more in those 2 years than all the previous 10 put together. Her verbal cues are so precise and thoughtful that one could complete their entire practice with eyes closed and be exactly where they are supposed to be. Instead of mimicking a teacher’s pose (or feeling I could never mimic the teacher’s pose...), I began to listen, to look inward, to feel the subtleties of alignment and the grace of movement that had escaped me prior. I saw paths I had never known existed, and I learn something new and laugh out loud every time I'm near her. I long for her yearly Mexico retreats, to reconnect and practice with her and learn from her wisdom in yoga and life. ”

— Andrea V, Sayulita, MX

"Jenifer is a master yoga teacher! She's a straight shooter, who will take your yoga practice to a whole new level. I've had the honor of guidance for the past 10 years and I've left every experience in awe! She has a rare gift with words while she leads you through a yoga sequence which is authentic and unique. Jen radiates possibility and positivity! Florida, you are so so so fortunate to have Jennifer as part of your community. Her Seattle Yoga family misses her dearly, so let her go every now and then so that she can come visit us? Thanks!"

— Purva M, Seattle WA

“I've been doing yoga for 5 years. I wasn’t formally trained, I just jumped in a tried a bunch of different classes with dozens of different teachers. There are three teachers I had who actually taught me most of what I know, and showed me the fullness of what yoga could be for my body and my spirit. Jennifer is one of those teachers. Her classes are always challenging, and never fall into a rut. I learn a new pose or a new sensation every time I practice with her. Just sit with that—it’s truly amazing to be able to say that about a teacher. And this is true whether you are a beginner or have been practicing with her for years. My body and entire life has changed through yoga—I started with chronic hip pain and difficulty walking—I can now run. I started in a difficult marriage that pained me every day—I came to accept that it wasn’t working and found the strength to leave. Yoga helped me immensely to transform my life. Practicing with Jennifer you will become strong, you will giggle, and you will be amazed.”

— Erika K, Seattle WA

"Jennifer Isaacson is an excellent Yoga teacher in every respect. She exudes a kind and playful energy. Her instruction is clear, encouraging and mindful in every way I can think of. As a person and a teacher, she's inspiring and exceptional. Her classes offer a lovely spiritual aspect as well as an opportunity to challenge oneself physically. I just hope I have the chance to study with her again."

 — Kat G, Whidbey Island WA

“Jennifer’s magic is her ability to open your heart to your own grounded strength. She imbues to you resilience & confidence in the sacred space she creates for your unfolding.”

— Brandy L, Seattle WA

"I've taken classes with Jen for the past several years in Seattle both through group classes in studios, retreats, and privates. I've been practicing yoga for over a decade, so having a teacher that is knowledgeable is extremely important to me. I always learn something new with Jen whether it was a new way to approach a posture, a new way of thinking about my breath, or simply new sensations in the body I hadn’t previously accessed. I appreciate her genuine attentiveness to her students, and ability to manage the difficult balance many yoga teachers struggle with: challenging students to confront their comfort zone while also honoring their body, limitations, and needs. Jen is a unique and gifted teacher. She speaks fluidly from the heart, and this is embodied even in the most challenging of practices."

— Alysha K, Seattle WA

“I met Jennifer in 2007 and have been attending her classes and retreats ever since. Meditation at a water temple in Bali, ocean front headstands in Mexico or surrounded by forest on Whidbey Island, after I come home from any retreat with Jennifer, I feel more myself. Each retreat is unique as she is very intentional about holding space for her students, and is in tune with what is needed in the moment. What I love about practicing with Jennifer is yoga is her way of life. She is serious when she needs to be, innovative, playful and real.”

— Jacci J, Seattle WA

"I've studied yoga for seventeen years in a variety of styles, and Jennifer is one of the finest teachers I've ever known. She's knowledgeable, intuitive, and compassionate. I look forward to classes with her because I know I will be cared for and offered challenges for body and mind. I've hired a babysitter and driven 40 minutes to get to one of her classes... She's worth it! Jennifer's practice and knowledge base are so broad and rich, you don't know what's coming next--her classes are accessible to all levels, but never predictable or routine. After you've been taking flow classes for a while, NOT knowing what's next is the yoga equivalent of chocolate! I love that she weaves meditation and stillness into her classes. Jennifer's light and her wonder at the power of yoga are contagious."

— Colette J, Seattle WA

"I've been teaching yoga for over a decade and Jennifer Isaacson one of my main teachers. I learn something new in each of her classes. It's said that the gods and goddesses of Hinduism cavort in an eternal divine play called lila, and Jen's classes embody this playfulness, underpinned with a strong, earnest, heartfelt desire to serve others and make the world a kinder, more loving place. It's a powerful combination. You are lucky to have her in Florida."

— Tim S, Seattle WA

“I’ve taken one (1, ONE) class with Jennifer Isaacson, not because it wasn’t enjoyable, only because our schedules never allowed for me to take more classes from her. In that class I learned about her patience and her desire to teach; it was quite a work out but not a lot of work! She left such an impression on that that I often share my experience because even though it was only for 1 1/2 hours, I walked away feeling better than I ever had before, I learned something new, tried new poses that I didn’t think I could do, and I laughed out loud in class. She is the total package that I am wanting when I’m on the mat: guidance, support, and a sense of humor!”

— Pam R, Seattle WA

“My first class with Jennifer was challenging in ways I had never experienced. As a fellow yoga teacher, this was an interesting experience, to say the least. I was overwhelmingly drawn back to her, and I have learned so much more from her than I could ever sum up in words. She is incredibly curious, knowledgable, and shares herself so authentically which may be what I appreciate the most. Jennifer’s classes are a true gift, each and every moment.”

— Gina C, Seattle WA